Type of studies - MA studies

Professional title - Master of Nursing
Duration of studies - 4 semesters
Mode of study - extramural


Prerequisite for admission is the professional title of Bachelor of Nursing.

Second-cycle studies will prepare you to perform a number of nursing tasks independentlyincluding healthcare delivery and management. In this respect, the graduate will acquire and deepen the skills of assessing the patient's health condition and recognizing harmful factors, recognizing the health needs of patients in primary and specialized health care, organizing and supervising nursing care taking into account the current knowledge, adopted theories and concepts of nursing, and performing preventive and diagnostic services, treatment and rehabilitation in accordance with applicable regulations, assessment of the psychophysical capacity of the patient and the possibilities of his family in the field of self-care, organization of free time and rest in health care, educational and social institutions, taking care and educational activities in health care, educational and social institutions,

SThe graduate will be ready to undertake activities in the field of health promotion and education, such as : counseling, promoting a healthy lifestyle, teaching health promotion in educational institutions, educating the patient to live with disease and disability, organizing health education campaigns in the local and national environment, educational programs and the effectiveness of educational activities.

The studies will allow you to acquire the skills to work as part of a healthcare team , including the ability to cooperate with other team members in caring for a healthy or sick person, conduct health education in interdisciplinary teams, organize a safe care environment and teamwork, cooperate with team members in the field of improving the quality of care.

Second-cycle studies will prepare graduates to develop nursing practice, critical thinking and conducting scientific research, implementing the principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM), introducing new methods and techniques to improve the quality of nursing care, and undertaking the effort of personal professional development.